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Set sail for a new experience

We know you are tired of the quarantine routine, but we also know that you want to stay safe during this time! That’s why we are bringing to life the first Boat-In movies event to the waters of Miami! With Ballyhoo Media’s massive 60 foot floating screens, we are create a unique experience for all to enjoy!

Come join us with your close family and friends to enjoy this new “boat-in” movie theater experience!

From the safety of your boat, you get a night out to enjoy a cinematic experience under the summer sky. As popularity skyrockets for drive-in theaters, the boat-in concept was the next logical evolution. We are uniting the boating capital of the world with the attraction of the great outdoors and famous Hollywood titles for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

What to bring


An FM radio is required for audio. Boats are typically equipped with an FM tuner if there is a stereo system.


Boats are required to bring their own anchors and lines. No mooring or docking will be available to the public.


On-land tickets will have access to a full restaurant at Boaters Grill and drinks at the Cleat. But for boaters, make sure to pack the popcorn and cooler full before arriving!

Covid-Friendly Event

The safety of our families, friends, and staff is our number one priority. Our boat-in movies were designed to maximize social distancing, and every event will meet all local health and safety standards, as well as Miami-Dade County Marine rules for Coronavirus safety.

Who Is Ballyhoo Media?

Well, we’re the ones putting on these amazing evenst! Ballyhoo Media is an advertising and events company utilizing a one-of-a-kind LED sign boat. Ballyhoo has hosted more than 50 watch parties over the past four years, bringing show-stopping and unforgettable events to crowd as large as 5,000+ people. Boaters and spectators gathered around Ballyhoo to watch games, movies, and concerts on our 2 digital 60ft screens, forming the most memorable watch parties in South Florida. Now Ballyhoo Media is onto the next big series: Boat-In Movies!

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